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I am a retired Science and Computer Teacher (8 1/2 years at this point), who had the great fortune of developing a passion for all things nature, science and creative at an early age. Birds, space and astronomy, butterflies and moths, dragon- and damselflies, wildflowers, writing, photography, painting and sketching, gardening and carpentry are all on my list of interests. If it’s creative or has to do with nature in almost any aspect, I usually like it and want (sometimes need) to learn more. While my website is far more objective, this blog is my considerably more subjective outlet and allows for combining these interests in a most satisfying way. Additionally, for 11 years, I lectured extensively on Space and Astronomy for several units of the National Park Service, and for regional several environmental centers. My wife is incredibly understanding of my love of (and need for) nature, as well as my need to know things, but has learned to never ask “What’s that?”. She knows the problem is that I will starting digging into whatever initiated the question. (That’s how I got into birding in December of 1978.)

NJ Nature Notes Blog update, June 9, 2012

In December of 2010, Apple announced that they would be discontinuing their web publishing and site hosting as of the end of June, 2012. Well, the time is coming to make the switch to another platform. For the NJ Nature … Continue reading

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Hello world! Welcome to the Nature Notes Blog

Welcome to the brand new Nature Notes Blog. Over the past few years, I have been fortunate to read many wonderful blogs that detail the physical and intellectual journeys of some really good naturalists. They are always interesting, and inspire … Continue reading

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